We have the right job for everyone!

Services & Benefits for employees

We have the right job for everyone!

Many companies are looking for qualified temporary employees. For example, for interesting project assignments or to strengthen a team at short notice. Learn with every assignment and use the opportunity to get to know different companies, work and techniques.

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Flexibility in any industry

Strong in industry

We employ skilled workers or intensively semi-skilled workers who have many years of professional experience in various industries. The skills of our employees are constantly expanded through regular further training measures.

  • Metal construction
  • Machine construction
  • Painters and varnishers
  • Wood processing
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Medium-sized manufacturing industry
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Wage according to collective agreement & more

Your labour is your greatest asset

Without our team, we would be nothing. That’s why we take great care of our employees – in contrast to what is often the case in the industry.

For example, punctual and reliable payment according to collective agreements and with social security is the basic prerequisite for satisfied employees and a healthy working atmosphere.

Furthermore, we do not only try to solve problems of the daily work routine, but also offer ourselves as contact persons for difficult situations outside of the professional life.
Because the private well-being of our employees is also close to our hearts.

More than just a fare

In addition, we offer services that make working and, above all, working together easier. We check safety at the workplace, provide all the necessary protective work clothing and our own fleet of vehicles ensures that everyone gets to work and back home safely and on time.



With us you are in good hands

We have created new, comfortable accommodation for our staff. Spacious and partly furnished, we can make these rooms available if required.